Welcome to LIUNA's Wage Rate and Fringe Benefit Database for the National Distribution and Mainline Pipeline Agreements.

This site is a cooperative effort between the Laborers' International Union of North America, (LIUNA) the Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust, (LECET) and the Laborers-Employers Benefit Plan Collection Trust (LEBPCT). It is intended to be helpful to contractors who employ -or intend to employ- workers represented by LIUNA and its affiliated Local Unions and District Councils. However, no responsibility is assumed by the above mentioned organizations for the accuracy and completeness of the information included herein. For verification, users should contact the Local Union covering the relevant area.

The publication of the total compensation package with applicable fringe benefit information does not relinquish the contractor from the responsibilities and procedures as set forth in Article VI in the National Distribution agreement.

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